Who wears a pocket square

Nowadays pocket squares are a common fashion accessory throughout the world. Initially popular in western Europe and the US, the pocket square is now a piece of formal fashion accessory in almost any part of the world. Weather you are invitied for a black tie event calling for a tuxedo and bow tie, or have a business meeting that requres a suit and tie, the pocket square adds elegance to your look. When to wear a pocket square, and who wears one, depends on the occasion, your culture, as well as your age.

The occasion:

For black tie events: A pocket square is almost a must have when wearing a tuxedo and a classic bow tie. The formal black tie attire traditonally calls for a black tuxedo jacket and pants, white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie, and a white pocket square. For formal black tie events in warm weather, the black tuxdo jacket is often replaced with a white one. To create the contrast, the white pocket square gets changed to a black one. For formal attire pocket squares made from fine, smooth satin silk is the most common choice. This fabric gives off an elegant shine that compliments the formal look.

For business attire: For business, the pocket square is a great way to add some color to your attire. Many men try to match the color and fabric of the pocket square to their necktie. Although quite common it is definitely not a most. In fact, many fashon experts prefer having a differnt pattern on their pocket square, and even differnt colors, than the ones found in the necktie. Doing this, takes away the ridgid look of a pocket square, that some may view as “snobby” when worn for business attire.

Weddings and other formal “black tie optional” events: For such events it is advisable to match the color and the fabric of the pocket aquare to your necktie or bow tie. In comparison to the look of the formal black tie event, lighter and warmer colors are choosen. This year for example: A solid color sage green necktie with a sage green pocket square – especially popluar for wedding parties.

Your culture:

Simply look what is acceptable in the environment you are in. If invited for a black tie event that calls for black tie attire, then a pocket square is guaranteed a good choice. When invited to a wedding it is advisable to check with the host or other guests. After all, you do not want to overdress to a point where you might be mistaken for the groom. For business, look at your surrounding, your supperiors, as well as your seniority in the business. The more senior you are, the more likely you will be able to wear a pocket square. For business attire it is advisable to have different patterns and/or colors in the pocket square from the ones in the necktie as it appears less formal.

Your age:

Your age typically only matters in business attire. If you are new to a firm, and/or stright out of college, and show up on your first day with a nicely folded pocket square in your breast pocket, it might be a little out of place. The mroe senior you are in a business and the more mature you are, the better you can pull off wearing a pocket square.

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