Match a pocket square

Most men are unaware of the different folding techniques there are on pocket squares. Each technique is suited for a particular fabric and look. To find out more about what pocket square fold is best for the occasion and the type of pocket square you will be wearing then check out: “how to fold a pocket square.”

Formal attire: Pocket squares and black tie dress code:

For formal black tie attire colors of either white or black are standard. On a few occasions silver is also chosen. For classic black tie events during the eventing, one wears a black tuxedo, black bow tie, and a white solid colored silk pocket square. For black tie events during the day or warm weather often times white tuxedo jacket, black trousers, balck bow-tie and white pocket square is chosen. Some examples:

black tie pocket squareclassic black tie pocket square

Matching fabric and color:

Traditionally the color and the fabric of the pocket square is matched to the one of the neckwear. Typically the tie as well as the pocket square are solid colored. Some examples:

formal pocket square matchingsage green wedding pcoket square and necktie

Pocket square for business:

For business, or more casual attire, many fashion experts recommend wearing pocket square that have a different pattern and/or are different in color than the necktie. Despite having different patterns and/or colors, the pocket square should still match, and compliment the overall look. The colors of the necktie and the pocket square should be differnt, but should still harminize with one another. A light blue necktie for example matches well is a champagne color or sand-tone colored pocket square. Even very solid and deep color shades can be combined. Wearing a burgundy red pocket square with dark blue polka dots or square pattern can be matched quite well to a dark blue necktie. As a general rule: Pick some color and be bold, but not abnoixous. Some examples:

pocket square for business attireclassy business pocket square: picture from the devil wears prada

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