How to fold a pocket square

Over the last hundred years many different techinques of folding a pocket square have been created. Depending on your attire, as well as the fabric of the pocket square, differnt folding techniques are advisable. To make things easy, there are four common ways to fold a pocket square:

Folding a pocket square: Corners Up

Folding a pocket square with the corners up is the most common technique. There are many different ways to fold the hanky with the corners up, and each one is only different in how many corners are visible.

One Corner Up Pocket square fold:

The fold that onelt shows one corner is the most common way to fold a pocket square. It is especially well suited for pocket squares made from a thicker linen type fabric, as this type of material can be stiffened using a little bit starch, and ironed to keep is straight. The one corner up pocket square fold is well suited when wearing a necktie.

One corner up folding a pocket squarefolding pocket square one corner up1folding a pocket square one corner up2folding a pocket square one corner up3folding a pocket square one corner up4

Two Corner Up Pocket square fold:

Folding a pocket square with two corners up gives the fabric more hold. This fold is therefore better suited for silk pocket squares than the “One corner up” method. IN fact, of all the corners up folding methods, this pocket square fold is the best for hankies made from silk, since the square and flat bottom holds well in the pocket and prevents the hanky from slipping. The clean and classy look of the two corners up fold looks great for formal black tie attire: Tuxedo, black bow tie, and white pocket square.

folding pocket square two corners upfold a hanky two corners upfolding a hany two coners up2fold a pocket square with 2 cornes upclassic pocket square folding 2 corners up

Three corners up Pocket Square fold

The three three corners up give the pocket square a good hold, and the tips of the corners tend to stay straight. On the other hand, having a bottom that is not straight, might cause the pocket square to slip and become cricket. This fold is therefore best suited for a pocket square that is either made from linen, fine cotton or a thicker and stiffer silk.

pocket square fold three cornerspocket square folding three corners uphanky fold three corners upfolding a pocket square 3 corner upfold a hanky 3 corner up

The flat pocket square fold:

The flat folding method is one of the easiest ways to fold a pocket square. The pocket square is flat at the bottom and only about 1/2 inch of the fabric sticks out of the pocket. This fold is exceptionally well suited for even the finest and thinest silk fabrics. It classy look compliments particularly formal black tie attire.

easy pocket square foldflat pocket square fold1simple pocket square fold flat foldstandard pocket square fold

The “puff” pocket square fold:

Next to the flat fold, the “puff” folding technique is one of the simplest one to master. Since the “puff” look is what is desired, fine silk pocket squares are the top pick. The finer and softer the fabric the better. The puff fold looks great when matching the pocket square color and fabric with the necktie. It is well suited for business, wedding parties, and other events during the day. FOr formal black tie attire, the puff fold is less suited.

easy pocket square folds: puff foldthe puff pocket square foldsilk pocket square folds: the puff foldpuff pocket square foldingsimple folds for silk pocket squares Everything there is to know about the pocket squares and hankies. For more folding methods please visit – a great resource for mens fashion.

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